The rooftop garden at The Khora

It was fantastic to recently visit the rooftop garden project that we sponsored at The Khora centre in Athens.

The aim is for the garden to engage the community and grow food and produce to be used in the cooking at the centre which offers hundreds of meals to refugees each week. 

You can sneak a look at the progress with these photos the team have sent us…

What’s happening in Rhodes?

An update from Oasis in Rhodes who we support by contributing to the food costs for the refugees they provide for;

There are at the moment more than 130 refugees in private accommodation and in hotel rooms, besides Sfageia and prison where they get their own nutrition provided. There are school children and babies among the adults. UN still provides accommodation to 35 people in a hotel. The prisoners need mostly fresh water and cold food. Local people started again to bring some food but we need more fresh meet and vegetables. The families get cooked food from us or fresh meat to cook by themselves if they have the kitchen equipment.

We get essential support from Aegean Solidarity Network Team UK (food project) and from Flying help e.V. (baby nutrition).

Thank you very much for your support! #OasisRhodes

Aid winging its way to Athens

Here are 3 big boxes of aid winging their way to Athens thanks to your support. We always try to support the Greek economy where we can, but some things are cheaper to buy here and send, and the shipment includes donated items. We always ensure that your cash donations are used as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Denise one of our trustees collects donated toiletries, and we send these to The Orange House in Athens. The other 2 boxes are full of various essential aid items and are on route to Hope Cafe in Athens. You can read a little more about both projects on our website. 

ASN Team UK and the projects we support are voluntarily run, so we rely on your donations to make things like this happen. Check out our website to see how you can get involved.

Thank you. 

Update on the Info Map project from The Khora

We were really pleased to be able to see the Information Map project we have sponsored when we recently visited Athens.  The team leading the project have written a few words about the projects purpose…

k1One of Khora’s main objectives is if there is a resource that people need that we can not provide within the building, to try and gather as much accurate information about other organisations / services, which can fulfil those needs.

For example, medical care, access to showers, specific legal assistance, etc. One of our most successful ways of doing this, is through the maps that we have created. We have several maps we have created in-house, each specialised in a specific area of need, which on the front states the Organization’s which can help that need, their address, and a map with their pin point on. On the back of the map, it lists what services the Organizations have in further detail. We have these translated from English to Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. These maps have been incredibly valuable and in high demand, as we are one of the few places which offer comprehensive lists of services people need for basic necessities, in a language they can understand. We give them out on a daily basis from our information point within Khora, as well as having a team of volunteers who work in the streets several times a week, handing them out to people who may not be able to come to the building, as well as within the camps situated around Athens, so more people are aware of what they can access for basic needs. k2

We are incredibly grateful for your support in order to make this possible, and hope you now have picture of how invaluable it is to have this information available for people, where information is so difficult to gain in this current crisis.

Many thanks,

The Khora

We need your continued support to help keep initiatives like this going.
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Have we become numb to the suffering? 

The refugee situation in Greece is still very much a crisis, it’s just not in our mainstream news anymore. Have we become numb to the suffering? There are well over 60,000 refugees stuck in limbo in Greece- many in camps and squats on the mainland and many in abysmal conditions in detention on the islands, trapped and unable to move on. 

There are still many people escaping danger and arriving daily on the eastern Greek islands in flimsy, dangerous boats from Turkey.

Greece remains in a deep economic crisis, overwhelmed, and is unable to provide adequate care and aid in many cases. The asylum process is painfully slow and often difficult and complex.
Many of these people have lost or spent all they had to get to safety and some have now been in limbo for well over a year. This has led to many people suffering deep psychological issues due to losing any last thread of hope they had. Some of the people we know have become empty shells of who they once were.
A large proportion of the refugees in Greece are children, and many of these are showing signs of psychological trauma, but many are unable to access the care they need. There are even children turning to prostitution just to make ends meet. And what happened to the estimated 10,000 refugee children in Europe missing and unaccounted for? 
Sadly we also hear of these innocent people being subjects of attacks from fascists.
So when people ask you if the crisis is still happening, please say yes.
Make a difference and help provide food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, information, other needed items and enrichment to the lives of many of these people 

Look at the difference you have made…


According to a sky news report yesterday, there are several thousand refugee children in Athens who need paediatric medical attention.  These are amongst the 10s of thousands of refugees that Greece is still struggling to cope with through no fault of its own.

It was just incredible to visit an inspiring young Afghan family in Athens last week who thanks to you, we have been able to make a difference to.

Their 3 year old son has severe cerebral palsy, and was recently prescribed a particular support chair by his doctor.

Thanks to your support, we were able to fund the purchase of the chair (pictured) which the family were unable to do.  It brought a tear to my eye when his father told us so excitedly about the progress his son was making, how with the right therapy and support (with help from the chair), they had already seen a positive difference in his movement and capabilities.

This is just amazing and couldn’t have been made possible without the support from people like you.  We want to do more to help refugees in Greece and need your continued support to continue to do so.  If you can spare a few pounds, please donate securely using the donate button  you can even set up a chosen monthly contribution via this link.

If you’re the sporting type or would like to raise money through sponsorship through another activity- why not make ASN Team UK your chosen charity for sponsorship- you can set up a fundraising page easily with (search on their site for ASN Team UK).

Join the solidarity movement and make a difference today.

Thank you.