Thank you

We want to say a massive thank you to the amazing Doris and Judy from St Peters Mission Group for hosting the fabulous Strawberry Tea Party on Thursday afternoon. doris3

There were wonderful cakes, strawberries a plenty, and the urn kept up with the demand for tea!

The generosity of your guests was overwhelming.

What an incredible day, and thank you for choosing us as one of the charities benefitting from the day which will enable us to continue supporting  volunteer run groups and organisations and their projects making a huge difference to many lives.

Thank you.

What’s going on?

There has been so much sad headline news recently that the refugee crisis has been largely forgotten about by the media.

Greece is currently hosting well over 60,000 refugees, and it’s estimated half of this number are women and children, and there are an estimated 2000 unaccompanied minors. Many people on the mainland are in organised camps, squats and other accommodation, and the eastern Aegean islands still find their hotspot detention centres near or well over capacity.

The asylum process is painfully slow, and unable to move on many people remain trapped in limbo leading to a crisis of mental health issues.

The volunteer and solidarity movement continues to play a massive part in providing long term care in a huge variety of ways.

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Sight for a young man

We heard from Debbie- a committed volunteer who spends a lot of time in Athens, that a young Syrian man was in desperate need for some specialist lenses that might stop him going blind in the long run. 
Without the lenses and appropriate treatment- serious complications could occur. A specialist eye doctor stepped forward to do the work for free, but money was needed for the lenses.
Thanks to your support, we have been able to fund these lenses, and the eye doctor will carry out the work on him including 6 monthly check ups for free.
This young man left Syria over a year ago, and like so many others has been stuck in limbo in Greece. He is living in a squat in Athens where he’s helped by some of the other residents.
Thank you for helping to make a difference. We need continued support so we can do more, help more and reach more people. If you can help-please visit our donate page