We want to buy new undies for the residents of Eleonas camp in Athens

We’ve just launched a campaign to raise £1650 to buy new underwear for the residents of the Eleonas camp in Athens. If we can raise this amount, we will be able to buy new undies for around 1400 adults and 650 children. Please help us and share and donate. The price of a cup of coffee will buy someone a new pair of underwear. Thank you. http://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/asn-teamuk/undies 

What do 1150 pairs of underwear look like?

You may have read from our previous blog that we had provided some funding to The Unmentionables working in Chios, to purchase a bulk buy of underwear for distribution in the Souda camp.  The team obviously had fun on this mission!

u1Step 1.  The team travelled to Athens to make the bulk buy as well as complete some other shopping.  Obviously buying in such bulk meant that there was some room for negotiation on price!  1150 pairs of underwear were bought with the funds we provided from your donations.  This is  AMAZING- THANK YOU!



Step 2.  The new items all arrived at the warehouse, and were sorted.  The sorting teams at the camps in Greece are the unsung heroes.  Working behind the scenes the often laborious and hard work is vital to aid the smooth running of distribution.

Step 3.  The needs of the individuals and families in the camp were then assessed so they could be provided with items needed.

u6Step 4.  Distribution!  There were lots of happy faces and smiles from the volunteers and residents of the camp when the team went into the camp to distribute the packs they had put together containing new pairs of underwear and other needed items.  The Unmentionables work to help restore peoples dignity by providing much needed hygiene items in discreet ways, and we will be adding them to the projects that we support so we can continue to help them with their vital work.

We urgently need monetary donations so we can continue to support this and the other projects that we work with providing dignity, food, education, hygiene items, accommodation, medical supplies, vital aid amongst other needed things to refugees in Greece.  There are over 60,000 refugees stuck in limbo in Greece, many are desperate, with the clothes on their backs their only possessions and many are still living in horrific conditions in camps.  Its estimated half this number are women and children, and an estimated 2000 children are unaccompanied.

We are making a difference, but can only continue to do so with your support.  We want to make donating as easy as possible for you, so are pleased to be able to offer you some options.  Find out more here https://asnteamuk.org/fundraising/

Thank you.


There’s lots going on!!!

We have recently provided funding for The Unmentionables working in Chios, and purchased a bulk buy of underwear meaning that every resident of the Souda Camp in Chios will receive 1 if not 2 new pairs of underwear. Considering the amount of people in the camp- this is a fantastic achievement.

We continue to sponsor the hygiene kit programme in Leros. The NGO Samaritans Purse was providing hygiene items for the 400 or so people in the islands hotspot. Samaritans Purse has now pulled out of the island, and we are talking with ECHO100Plus to see how we can fund hygiene items for the residents of the hotspot as well as those in Pikpa.

We also continue to work with Oasis in Rhodes and continue to pay for food needed for meals for the refugees they are hosting.

We are just about to purchase a bulk buy of nappies for distribution from Hope Cafe in Athens.

We are helping more and more people and desperately need your donations to be able to reach out more. If you can help- click our secure donate button.

Thank you for your continued support.

Shoes for kids

A couple of weeks ago we heard about a serious shortage of kids shoes in one of the camps in Athens. shoes

Working with a volunteer on the ground, we purchased 80 pairs of children’s shoes which were distributed in the camp and very gratefully received.

It is still very much the solidarity networks, and organisations that are helping to plug the gaps in care and aid.

Why not become a part of this and contribute by clicking our secure donate button.  You can sign up for regular donations, which are crucial to our operation as it helps us budget ahead for the projects we support in addition to the adhoc support we offer such as this.

Sight for a young Syrian man

Do you remember our article about the young Syrian man who was in danger of going completely blind if he didn’t have the special lense he needed? ( https://asnteamuk.org/2017/06/10/sight-for-a-young-man/ )  Thanks to your support we were able to fund this.

Debbie the amazing volunteer who coordinated his support, wrote last week with an update on the young man.

“Around lunchtime myself and a lovely volunteer translator who lives in the squat I was at, left to go and meet the young Syrian man to head to the private eye hospital. Once we met him we traveled the long journey together to go to the hospital. When we arrived there was no waiting to be seen. The Dr spent a lot of time showing him how to fit the lense and how to care for it. As per the previous visits to the hospital the care was 5 star. As it can take a few days to get used to as it has been specially made, a guarantee is given that he can return to have it looked if he needs to and to see if it is fitted correctly etc. He was also seen by the Consultant who examined him and again confirmed that nothing can be done for his left eye sadly, so has no vision that can help him but with the specially made contact lense his right eye has improved by 20% making his vision 40% in his right eye. A report was given to him which will hopefully help with his case to move to Germany with his cousin who can help support him. 🙏. The eye solution and case to keep the lense in at night was purchased and the consultant advised that he must be seen again in one year for follow up care. If at this appointment his sight has deteriorated further then he will need surgery/transplant. Please pray for his sight to not get any worse 🙏

When I visited the men’s squat to update the men there on the young Syrian man, as they have helped him so much, they were pleased for him and promised they will continue to help him. When I left him he was so much happier than he has been and was very happy to receive the lense. He kissed my hand in a way which the men said they save only for their mother. Words failed me. I gave him a hug to show him that I cared and told him so many other people cared too. Thanks again to the Aegean Solidarity Network for paying for the lense to help give this young man some sight.”

Fundraising and Donating – Aegean Solidarity Network Team UK

Fundraising and Donating

Update on the Info Map Project at The Khora

The info map project we are sponsoring at the Khora has proved invaluable. khora2

The maps produced by the team are translated into the most needed languages for the refugee community in Athens providing a lifeline to crucial services that people need access to in this unfamiliar and bustling city.

We recently contributed toward the purchase of a printer which will enable the team to produce the maps at a much lower cost, as well as help with other admin requirements at the centre.

khora1The Khora reaches out to a huge number of people, and serves as a drop in centre for hundreds of refugees on a daily basis.

We need your donations to be able to continue to support these projects which in turn make so much of a difference to so many people.  Donate securely, and if you’re a UK tax payer, you can gift aid your donation to make it go even further