We have been working closely with the Leros Solidarity Network since September 2015.  This organisation pioneered the humanitarian response to the refugee crisis since it began on the island.  LSN runs the PIKPA refuge centre on the island which was renovated for its current use solely on donations and currently hosts around 120 residents- the vulnerable, families, women, children and unaccompanied minors.  We continue to support their work with PIKPA and the residents therein and have recently helped to fund essential maintenance work on the building as well as contributing towards breakfast meals and other items so desperately required.

LSN al4so runs Villa Artemis.  This structure was originally acquired by LSN and used during the refugee crisis in 2015 to offer the women and children somewhere safe to sleep as opposed to the crowded port police yard where hundreds of refugees were locked in and sleeping on the concrete floor in the open air.  It is currently being used by LSN to offer refuge to several families.

ECHO100Plus is an Austrian charity that has a strong presence on Leros as well as in Ritsona.  We work with ECHO to help fund hygiene kits for the residents of PIKPA.  These are tailor made packs of hygiene items for each family and are distributed bi weekly.