The Greek Council For Refugees is a non governmental organisation working to help support refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, and has been operating since 1989.

How Do They Help?

One of the many ways they help in the current crisis is by providing safe, private accommodation for families and individuals deemed vulnerable, such as victims of torture, trafficking and single-parent families.

Refugees and asylum seekers in official camps and accommodation usually receive a cash card which provides an allowance to spend on food and other necessary items. However, all too often this accommodation is not deemed safe or appropriate for some vulnerable cases and when they come out of the system to private accommodation, they lose access to the cash card system. However, those individuals and families are still unable to stand on their feet and lack basic necessities. Through GCR’s accommodation scheme, they provide safe accommodation and food vouchers as well as offering Greek lessons and job counselling, with the ultimate hope that they manage to become integrated into Greek society and can lead independent and sustainable lives.


How Do We Collaborate?

We will be working with The Greek Council For Refugees to help vulnerable refugees in their private accommodation by sponsoring food vouchers for a number of families at a cost of 150 Euros per family per month, empowering them throughout the difficult journey of integration and supporting them to rebuild their lives.

You can sponsor a family on a monthly basis or make a one off donation.  Click the donate button to make a difference and help refugees through this and the other projects we’re supporting. If you’re a UK tax payer, don’t forget to gift aid your donation to make it go even further.