Volunteer opportunities with the organisations we support;

Volunteer in Leros 

ECHO100PLUS We are assisting our friends at ECHO100Plus in sourcing volunteers for Leros.  If you would like to get involved you can apply to volunteer with ECHO100Plus at http://echo100plus.com/en/get-involved

Volunteer in Chios

THE UNMENTIONABLES This great organisation are looking for volunteers for their operations in Chios and Athens https://theunmentionablesglobal.org/volunteer/

Volunteer in Athens

THE KHORA If you have looked through our page detailing the projects we are supporting, you will have read about The Khora centre in Athens.  If you have 4 weeks or more to spend volunteering in Athens, then the team at The Khora would love to hear from you.  Look them up on the web www.khora-athens.org and click “join us” to find out more.

THE ORANGE HOUSE We are also assisting our friends at The Orange House in sourcing volunteers (you can read more about what they offer in our projects we’re supporting page).  If you have 2 weeks or more to spare and are interested in volunteering at The Orange House in Athens please enquire via their website http://zaatarngo.org

HOPE CAFE Hope Café provides food and other needed items to refugees and others in need in Athens as well as various workshops, and a safe space to talk.  If you would like more information on what Hope Café offers, visit www.hope-cafe.org If you’re interested in volunteering here, please email your details and experience to info@hope-cafe.org

Volunteer in Samos

SAMOS VOLUNTEERS are looking for volunteers to support English teaching and early education programs https://samosvolunteers.org/volunteer/