Nea Kavala – Art Without Borders

Kayra, an inspirational lady has been working with the refugee crisis since 2015, and has been involved in a number of projects. kayra5

In Summer 2016, after recognising the therapeutic effect of art, she formed the group Nea Kavala Art Without Borders.

kayra2 Seeing children at their happiest when they are drawing and painting, which allowed them to express their feelings – the project was born.  Kayra gathers a group of children together (with their parents permission of course!) from the nearby camp and housing communities, and provides them with a healthy and nutritious meal and refreshments in her home.  The children are given canvasses and the fun begins!

Kayra sells the artwork in various exhibitions around the world, and the money raised goes straight to the children and their families.  The money needed for the materials comes from donations, so the families receive 100% of the sale of the paintings. kayra1

The enrichment this project gives in so many ways to so many children is incredible.  We will be funding the cost of the food and refreshments for the painting sessions which are usually held twice a month.  We will also look to assist with some of the costs of the materials used.

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