The Orange House Project is run by an NGO called Zaatar.  It’s a shelter in Athens and provides accommodation for vulnerable individuals with approximately 20 beds-the focus is on vulnerable women and their children.  There is a strong focus on ensuring the residents dignity, and sense of normality is maintained.

How Do They Help?

Within the building there is a classroom which offers varied classes and activities for the local refugee and migrant community.  A safe space is offered for refugees to drop in and relax in, and individual support is provide where required through drop in sessions.

There are additional services for the residents and visitors such as laundry rooms, a shower, and distribution of essential items.

In addition to all of this, the centre provides a drop in lunch program which can see up to 300 people come through in a day!

How Do We Collaborate?

We support The Orange House by contributing towards their day to day needs to help the centre run efficiently, as well as the provision of hygiene items and food.  In early 2018, we funded the renovation of the shower, creation of a dignified changing room and renovation of a further learning space.

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