ta1Nearly £20,000 of funding donated to us by you was used or sent to Greece to support refugees in the ongoing crisis.  In addition to the projects we are supporting…

March 2016 saw the borders into Europe starting to close.  Many refugees in Greece at the time rushed to try to cross the borders before they were shut.

This led to a massive build up of people in the Greek border town of Idomenita2.

In response to this we sent financial contributions to 2 volunteer run organisations that prepared and distributed food to help feed the thousands of people there.

June 2016 saw a shortage of water in the refugee camp in Ritsona.  We supported 2 volunteers run organisations and sent financial contributions to help buy 7500 bottlta3es of water.

We have sent nearly 80 boxes of donated clothes to Greece.  And in collaboration with SHARE and People in Motion many huge Landrover loads of aid have been sent to refugees in France, Syria and Lebanon.ta4

We have also sent numerous boxes of donated toiletries to Greece, and have contributed to sanitary items being bought, treats for refugee kids, baby items, other provisions of food amongst many other things.

We couldn’t have done this without you, thank you.  Our work is ongoing and we need your continued support to help us continue to make a difference.

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