29/04/17- Due to problems and difficulties in the squats, and the current delicate situation of them, this project has been suspended.

Sadly Greece continues to be sinking under its own econo2mic crisis.  This is only too evident when you wander around Athens away from the main tourist areas.  Its estimated there are currently around 63,000 refugees in Greece.  15,000 or so people on the eastern Aegean islands, and the rest of the people on the mainland.  It’s difficult to estimate just how many are in Athens, but it’s clear the city is struggling to cope with the rimg_2889efugees it is currently hosting.

Many people are left to squat in abandoned and derelict buildings.  One such squat is home to a community of around 400 refugees, and it’s here that we sponsored the start up of a small school to be able to teach the children that had been rejected by the Greek schools, or had left due to taunts and bullying.  The initial focus in lessons was the English language.  img_2877

We fear for this lost generation of children and investing in their education is key if they are to have a future.  The children are so keen to learn, and are often found desperately trying to get all the information they can off the whiteboard after the lessons.