ASN Team UK is united in solidarity and well connected in the humanitarian response to the refugee crisis, we strive to raise money and awareness, and work with grassroot organisations to make a difference to these often traumatised and afflicted peoples lives in Greece.

Joel – Chair of Trustees

jgWhen I returned to Leros in September 2015 for my annual 2 week holiday, and to see friends, I had been told of the refugee crisis on the island.  However nothing could have prepared me for the reality of the apocalyptic scenes that I found there.  I must have stood aghast for a while in disbelief when I first set eyes on the conditions in the port police yard.  Moved by the overwhelming desperation of the people I had to do something, so spent the mornings and evenings helping out at the camp.  My experiences in those 2 weeks changed my life.  What really struck me was how before I got there, I had no idea of the reality of what was actually going on in the crisis, as the seriousness and critical state of the crisis had not been made known to us clearly in the UK via the media.  It seemed crazy that in civilized Europe-the governments did not seem to be able to provide sufficient care, and it was, and still is in many many cases – the solidarity networks and groups plugging the gaps in care.  So when I got back to the UK, I started a facebook page to try to raise awareness of the situation and led some successful crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for the Leros Solidarity Network, and their response to the crisis.  In Summer 2016, the ASN Team of Trustees came together.  We thought we could do more to help, so broadened how we supported refugees, and we applied to the UK Charity Commission and received our official charity status in December 2016.  What I have learned over the past couple of years is that the situation is constantly evolving and can change dramatically, and quickly.  Our charity is positioned in a way that means we are able to adapt and respond promptly to changes, and at the same time make a positive impact to the lives of refugees in Greece in various ways and through sponsorship of a variety of projects, and initiatives.  Please continue to support us, I have been honoured to see the difference that we are making and its amazing.  Many of the refugees I have encountered are the most genuine, kind, warm and generous people I have ever met, and are so grateful for the support of people like yourselves.  Thank you.

Denise – Trustee

denI have volunteered for ASN since November 2015.  My first trip was to Leros for 2 and 1/2 months from November 2015 to January 2016 when I volunteered in the refugee camp in Leros.  I did all sorts of work on the camp from providing support and comfort to refugees, to cleaning, cooking, buying necessary items for refugees just to name but a few.  Since then I have been back out to Leros on my leave from my regular job to help out at Pikpa and Villa Artemis.  At the moment I have embarked on a small project to collect much needed toiletries to send over to Greece for distribution amongst the people needing help.  It’s become a big part of my life and I just want to do what I can to help these people who have been through the horrors of conflict.

Donna – Trustee

I first encountered the ASN Team UK in January 2018 while volunteering in Athens, I found the website while looking for additional projects to volunteer with.  After returning home I wanted to continue to help in some way so contacted Joel and I’ve been running the twitter account since, do please give us a follow @asnteamuk

The refugee crisis is very much under reported in the UK media but having seen first hand the horrible conditions that vulnerable people are being forced to live in Europe is horrifying, devastating and inhumane. Small charities like ASN Team UK have a hugely positive impact by working with grassroots organisations across Greece to respond quickly to the ever changing situation and make a real difference to the lives of thousands of refugees. Every penny really does go directly to meaningful projects to give dignity, humanity and solidarity to people who have suffered more than anyone ever should.

Sean – Trustee


Whilst backpacking in Morocco, I met 3 refugee children begging on the streets of Tangier.  This meeting affected me deeply, to the point that I could think of nothing else but them and the countless people affected by the Syrian conflict.  I began to feel an intense feeling of being duty bound to try and help these people.

I decided to try to help by first raising funds for a charity working in this field by walking across a country in a week.  After this campaign was successful, the following year I began volunteering on the Greek island of Leros in the refugee camp, and began to see up close how impossible and upsetting their situation seemed to be.

After finishing on Leros, I worked for some time with another charity and continued to try and aid the refugees in Greece.  Having some success with this, I then returned to Greece to work at the Polykastro camp near the Macedonian border with a fellow Leros volunteers’ project there.  I also continued to independently fundraise, and spread awareness of this issue.  In 2018, I ran the Great South Run with the ASN Team, and was pleased to join the team of trustees.