Majd from Syria reflects on 2016 and goodbyes

Tonight we said goodbye to our hero friend, ten days ago we said goodbye to our extended Greek family. Earlier this year we said goodbye to our Syrian family, relatives and friends.

Nowadays we are saying goodbye to this tough year which was full of many opposites dangerous/safe; despair/hope; sadness/happiness; fatigue/relief and defeat/glory.

We heard and witnessed many crazy things that happened in this world from the leaders of this world down to the terrorists of this world.

Waves of hatred and hate are invading our world.

And from deep in this darkness a spark of flame arises to shine in this world, the white face of the human being, another kind of people that you can touch the deepest part of their hearts with your bare hand.

Some kind of people whom you can sit with them speaking, discussing for hours without any harm. No matter what you believe in and what they believe in, no matter what your religion is or what their religion is, no matter who and from where you are .

You can sail transparently in their minds, you can see that kind of solidarity and care in their eyes. Maybe there will be differences between you and them but at the end when you will say goodbye to them you can shake their hand and you can see a smile on their face and even you can feel as your soul hugs their soul up in the sky.

Those kinds of people are giving their best (time, effort, health, even money) just to say we are here ..we are the white and bright side of the Humanity. This is how we all must live and believe. “LRCA”


To all those people:

Merry Christmas and happy New year.

Peace on you and may God bless you all and have mercy on all of you .

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