An update on the situation in Leros

The hygiene kit program that we sponsor continues to run, and is organised on the ground by ECHO100Plus.

Leros has not seen many new arrivals of people over the past few weeks.  This could be partly due to the wintery weather that the region has experienced.

The number of people in the hotspot, Pikpa, Villa Artemis and other houses is estimated to be at around 650.

The residents of Pikpa are being empowered to become more self reliant which is important as many of them are long term residents.  As hand washing clothes in the yard has become almost impossible in the winter weather, the washing machines in the kitchen are available on a rotating schedule.  The residents are now preparing their own salads for lunch and dinner from donated veggies, and the military has taken over the supply of meals from Mercy Corps.

Resident children are now in school “LEDU” (Leros Education), and this has been funded by the UNHCR and Save the Children.  They attend classes in English, Greek, maths, geography and music.  In the afternoons, young adults aged 18-25 are able to participate in Greek classes.

LSN and ECHO volunteers continue to work within Pikpa, and ECHO continue to develop their Hub initiative near the hotspot.

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