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f1HOPE is the name of a football team in Athens made up entirely of refugees. They have been training hard as they aspire to enter the Greek league. 

We recently met with one of the players who was a professional football player in Afghanistan, an inspiring young man who spends much of his spare time training the kids in football in the camp he is currently living in just outside the city. 

When he was telling us that the HOPE team didn’t have any winter training gear, we thought we might be able to help, and were able to purchase the team some football kit.

 HOPE played their first game in their new kit yesterday, and won 2-0! What a great result. Your donations meant this was able to happen and gave hope to HOPE! f2

 Please consider making a donation to help us make a difference to more peoples lives.   

 There is more information about the other ways you can donate and get involved on our website.

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us help refugees in Greece.

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