What have we been up to in Leros?

Our collaboration with ECHO100Plus continues, and we continue to fund the hygiene kit program for the residents of Pikpa. We have continued to fund this program for sometime now and it’s success is ongoing with the kits being well received by the residents of Pikpa and Villa Artemis.  It was lovely to have just received this message from the ECHO100Plus Co-ordinators;

“Thanks to ASN Team UK, Echo volunteers are able to purchase a variety of hygienic products (shampoo, washing powder, toothbrush and toothpaste, baby shampoo, for adults and children, sanitary napkins etc.) for the Pikpa and Villa residents. This is a costly project considering we are covering over 120 people on a two weekly basis. No need to emphasize the importance of this donation to the wellbeing of residents. We are extremely grateful for this reliable and ongoing support since many months and for the trust in our team to handle these funds to our best knowledge. With lots of THANK YOUS and warmest wishes Catharina, Gabi, Belli and all Echos.
Since photography at Pikpa and Villa is not allowed, this is all we can provide you with – yesterday’s shopping…”

We also recently funded an e-beam projector for The Hub in Leros. This centre is run by ECHO100Plus and provides education and a space for learning for the refugee community on Leros as well as disadvantaged local people. The e-beam projector provides an interactive whiteboard which complements the learning of students.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Chris Mitchell, he was able to purchase a number of ukuleles which he took to Leros. Chris led music lessons over a 3 week period and passed on his talents to the refugees there. We hope that the ukuleles purchased will continue to provide enrichment for the lives of the people trapped in limbo on the island.

We need your continued support to continue changing lives. If you can, please donate and gift aid your donation to make it go even further 

Thank you.

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