That’s a big pallet!

When Kerri at Hope Café in Athens told us about their urgent shortage of nappies, we jumped straight into action.  This pretty impressive pallet (we didn’t realise it would be so big!), contains over four and a half thousand nappies and bed mats. img_5146

It’s heart wrenching to hear that bed mats are also needed for older children who are wetting the bed due to post traumatic stress.

We try to use local suppliers in Greece for this sort of thing to also help the Greek economy, but some of the teams in the projects we support are so stretched, they struggle to find the time to be able to shop around and negotiate.

Our charity status meant we were able to get these at a heavily discounted rate, and send them at a discounted rate making this cost efficient.  And this means Kerri and her team can focus on providing the 1st class care they do to the refugee community they support.

Following our funding of 1150 pairs of underwear for residents of the Souda camp in Chios, we have just reached the half way point in our campaign to fund over 2000 pairs of underwear for the residents of the Eleonas camp in Athens.  Please help give someone who has lost everything a ray of dignity, and pledge a few pounds if you can.

Thank you.


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