We did it, and funded over 2000 pairs of undies for residents of Eleonas camp!

Thanks to your amazing support and following the success of our recent fundraising campaign, we did it, and were able to fund over 2000 pairs of new underwear for the residents of the Eleonas refugee camp in Athens!  This is such a fantastic achievement, and we can’t thank you enough.

Eleonas camp is one of many in Athens, and is currently home to just over 2000 residents.  Approximately 500 children, 700 women, and 900 men.  Some of the residents here had not had any new underwear for months and now every resident has received a new pair of undies thanks to you.  For us, its hard to think of getting by without the daily essentials that we take for granted, and such a small gesture of a new pair of pants can mean a lot.

Due to restrictions in the camp we were unable to show photos of the distribution so have included some snaps of the volunteer team sorting the underwear in preparation for distribution made possible by The Unmentionables organisation and one of their partners.

There are still so many people needing so much help in Greece alone, and we are striving to reach as many as we can through the projects and initiatives we are supporting.  But this is only possible with your help.  Make a difference to someone today, and check out our fundraising channels to find one that suits you.  Thank you.

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