Update and reflections on our hygiene pack project in Leros

Working with Echo100plus, we have funded the very successful hygiene kit program in Leros for the past year. A tailor made pack of hygiene items (toothpaste, washing powder, shampoo, sanitary items etc) is given to each family in Villa Artemis and Pikpa every fortnight.
It was great to spend some time with the team at Echo100Plus and be a part of this in Leros earlier in September. It was busy in Echos Hub centre when Matt was sorting out the items and packing the bags, labelling each with the family name. 
Then it was all hands on deck to load the van to drive over to Pikpa. As we got out the van at Pikpa, you could hear the excitement build from the children as they were aware something was happening. 

The hallway became a bustling hive of activity. Many of the residents have been at the centre long term so are accustomed to the routine of life there. Rooms are numbered and we delivered some bags to the rooms of people who were not in the hallway. 
The look of gratefulness in the eyes of the recipients was enough and everyone who received a pack expressed their gratitude.
As Pikpa houses the vulnerable, the centre has taken on a number of families from nearby islands which lack the infrastructure to accommodate them. This coupled with the recent rise in numbers of new arrivals to the eastern Aegean islands means that Pikpas headcount will increase which will in turn increase our cost on this project.
The monthly cost for a family of 4 is around £15. 
Would you like to sponsor a family? You can sign up easily and securely with charity checkout or just giving.



You can also check out how to apply to volunteer with our partner Echo100plus https://asnteamuk.org/volunteer/

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