The Greek Island Hotspots

5 eastern Aegean Greek Islands have been on the frontline of the refugee crisis since it began.  These islands form part of the Dodecanese (12 Islands) group of islands that string down the Turkish coastline.

Last year, hotspot camps were constructed on these islands as part of the infrastructure to go inline with the EU/Turkey agreement. These camps were designed with short term stays in mind.

However for most, these have become long term residences. As the number of arrivals has hugely increased over the last few months, the hotspot facilities have come under massive strain and overcrowding as people are unable to move on.

As conditions continue to deteriorate, and people are more and more crowded, inevitable issues are ensuing. The image attached illustrates just how serious the overcrowding is.

We remain committed to helping provide aid where we can, however as with many other organisations involved in the crisis, getting interest and support from donors is becoming harder and harder due to the lack of media interest and seemingly normalisation of the crisis.

Please help us spread the word about the reality of the suffering playing out on land just a few hours flight away.

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