Nea Kavala Art Without Borders

One of the projects we support on a regular basis is Nea Kavala Art Without Borders.  Kayra who founded and runs this initiative spent much time volunteering in Greece when the refugee crisis was at its peak in 2015.

When playing with the children, she noticed the difference that art made to them.  How their faces somehow changed and relaxed as they got absorbed into creating their individual masterpieces.

Kayra invites children from nearby camps into her home and provides a wholesome and nutritious meal as well as some sweet treats.  Its the food and refreshments that we fund in this project.  The kids are each given a canvas and paints and away they go!  The canvases are sold on by Kayra and her network and the artists get the proceeds.  Art supplies are paid for by the organisation.  There are also adult artists involved and they set their own prices for their work and get to keep 100% of proceeds.  Art ranges from 20 to 300 Euros

We love this project for many reasons, but most importantly- it offers these innocent children a chance to play and interact in a “normal” and safe environment.

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