Update on The Khora Info Map Project

InfopointWith fewer volunteers over the Christmas period, December has been quite a quiet month where the team have mainly been focusing on keeping the information they are distributing updated. They have assigned the research of each type of service (e.g. clothes, food, medical help) to a different member of the team with the aim of gaining more thorough and in depth knowledge of each area and have also tried to visit places when possible. In particular, with the current closure of The Khoras free shop, researching updated information on other free shops to direct people to was a priority.

The team have been updating the info maps with this new information, and for most of the month have been continuing to distribute them at Infopoints (although for the past week they could not due to a shortage of volunteers). They have also been giving the maps to other organisations in Athens, and to a charity on Lesvos to give to refugees who are about to move to the mainland.

As we helped fund a large printer for The Khora last year, we now fund mainly paper and laminating where required for this vital project.

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