img_3046Have you thought about volunteering with refugees in Greece?  If so we would love to hear from you.  We are currently helping the Leros Solidarity Network source volunteers to work in the PIKPA refuge centre on Leros.

This is an extremely rewarding experience.  You will work on a rota pattern including mornings, days and evenings.  Main duties include helping to distribute food, baby items and hygiene items, preparing supplementary meal items amongst other things.  However a key role is interacting with the refugees, adults and children.  Some of them have been heavily traumatised and a compassionate ear and approach can make all the difference. There is also the need to occupy the children who have boundless energy and enthusiasm!  There are often other projects and initiatives running you can get involved with if you wish whilst off shift.


We encourage volunteers to commit to helping for two weeks or more. Committing for less does not really allow enough time for training and involvement with residents and colleagues.

Volunteers are required to be financially self-sufficient as donations and resources are used entirely to support the refugees. It is regretted that we are unable to arrange bookings for you although the team are happy to make enquiries as to availability.


Where to stay whilst volunteering in Leros

Accommodation varies depending on where you are staying on the island. Lakki is where Pikpa is situated.  Elsewhere you would need to use transport, on request.

Prices (where known) are current 08/16:

Stratos (+30) 6944707806; This is a backpacker-type hostel for as little as 10€ pp a night with excellent reviews from volunteers.

Miramare: (+30) 2247022469, (+30) 2247022053, email lerosmiramare@gmail.com. A fairly basic hotel with two sharing for 45€ a night for the room. Most reviews are fine.

Artemis: (+30) 22470 22416. Simple, but close to everything, double-room about 30€/night.

Bianco Boutique: More up-market, price unknown.

If you would like to get involved, or have any enquiries, please contact the LSN volunteer coordinator using the contact form provided https://asnteamuk.org/volunteer/ Once you are aware of the dates you can offer, you will be required to complete a registration form provided by LSN.

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