Ghalia is a young, talented and keen writer from Syria. She is resident at Leros Solidarity Networks Villa Artemis on Leros. She has written the following piece about PIKPA in Leros which shows just what a difference these initiatives are making. Ghalia refers to “Mam Matina”. Matina and her husband Spiros pioneered the solidarity movement on Leros, and its thanks to them and their campaigning that PIKPA and The Villa exist. They continue to work tirelessly everyday to support and help their extended family.

Tree charming and expressive ..

just because you chose it ..

This year we will celebrate together ..

despite our pain

and our bad memories ..

we forget everything ..

because your smile

fills the place with happiness ..

and makes us feel safety ..

Thank you for everything ..

Mam Matina thank you always and forever .. 

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