Thank you Freya

Our partners at Kings Heath Action for refugees and Bearwood Action for Refugees have been collecting colouring books to send to Greece for refugee children there. We were moved by their story about one inspiring local young lady who has been working very hard to collect hers. Moved by the plight of refugees, 9 year old Freya started to fundraise 6 months ago, making and selling loom bands, baking and selling her own cakes and running a guess how many sweets in the jar game.

She managed to raise £50 in total and has bought colouring books and pencils to send to refugees in transit for Christmas, she’s even bought her own wrapping paper and wrapped them all up!

She didn’t think that it was fair refugee children should go without a present at Christmas just because they didn’t have a home. Freya loves drawing and finds it helps her when she is upset, she said that this might help the children when they were feeling sad about all that has happened to them. Apparently she is already devising ways to raise more money!

Her mum Hannah tells us that Freya feels passionately about the refugee crisis and wants to work with children who have been left without parents when she is older. She frequently talks about setting up a home for orphans where they can live and learn and be happy again.  A truly amazing effort and we would like to say a really big thank you to Freya.


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