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According to a sky news report yesterday, there are several thousand refugee children in Athens who need paediatric medical attention.  These are amongst the 10s of thousands of refugees that Greece is still struggling to cope with through no fault of its own.

It was just incredible to visit an inspiring young Afghan family in Athens last week who thanks to you, we have been able to make a difference to.

Their 3 year old son has severe cerebral palsy, and was recently prescribed a particular support chair by his doctor.

Thanks to your support, we were able to fund the purchase of the chair (pictured) which the family were unable to do.  It brought a tear to my eye when his father told us so excitedly about the progress his son was making, how with the right therapy and support (with help from the chair), they had already seen a positive difference in his movement and capabilities.

This is just amazing and couldn’t have been made possible without the support from people like you.  We want to do more to help refugees in Greece and need your continued support to continue to do so.  If you can spare a few pounds, please donate securely using the donate button  you can even set up a chosen monthly contribution via this link.

If you’re the sporting type or would like to raise money through sponsorship through another activity- why not make ASN Team UK your chosen charity for sponsorship- you can set up a fundraising page easily with http://www.justgiving.com (search on their site for ASN Team UK).

Join the solidarity movement and make a difference today.

Thank you.

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