Have we become numb to the suffering? 

The refugee situation in Greece is still very much a crisis, it’s just not in our mainstream news anymore. Have we become numb to the suffering? There are well over 60,000 refugees stuck in limbo in Greece- many in camps and squats on the mainland and many in abysmal conditions in detention on the islands, trapped and unable to move on. 

There are still many people escaping danger and arriving daily on the eastern Greek islands in flimsy, dangerous boats from Turkey.

Greece remains in a deep economic crisis, overwhelmed, and is unable to provide adequate care and aid in many cases. The asylum process is painfully slow and often difficult and complex.
Many of these people have lost or spent all they had to get to safety and some have now been in limbo for well over a year. This has led to many people suffering deep psychological issues due to losing any last thread of hope they had. Some of the people we know have become empty shells of who they once were.
A large proportion of the refugees in Greece are children, and many of these are showing signs of psychological trauma, but many are unable to access the care they need. There are even children turning to prostitution just to make ends meet. And what happened to the estimated 10,000 refugee children in Europe missing and unaccounted for? 
Sadly we also hear of these innocent people being subjects of attacks from fascists.
So when people ask you if the crisis is still happening, please say yes.
Make a difference and help provide food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, information, other needed items and enrichment to the lives of many of these people https://lsn-uk.charitycheckout.co.uk/ 

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