Update on the Info Map project from The Khora

We were really pleased to be able to see the Information Map project we have sponsored when we recently visited Athens.  The team leading the project have written a few words about the projects purpose…

k1One of Khora’s main objectives is if there is a resource that people need that we can not provide within the building, to try and gather as much accurate information about other organisations / services, which can fulfil those needs.

For example, medical care, access to showers, specific legal assistance, etc. One of our most successful ways of doing this, is through the maps that we have created. We have several maps we have created in-house, each specialised in a specific area of need, which on the front states the Organization’s which can help that need, their address, and a map with their pin point on. On the back of the map, it lists what services the Organizations have in further detail. We have these translated from English to Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. These maps have been incredibly valuable and in high demand, as we are one of the few places which offer comprehensive lists of services people need for basic necessities, in a language they can understand. We give them out on a daily basis from our information point within Khora, as well as having a team of volunteers who work in the streets several times a week, handing them out to people who may not be able to come to the building, as well as within the camps situated around Athens, so more people are aware of what they can access for basic needs. k2

We are incredibly grateful for your support in order to make this possible, and hope you now have picture of how invaluable it is to have this information available for people, where information is so difficult to gain in this current crisis.

Many thanks,

The Khora

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