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We have recently provided funding for The Unmentionables working in Chios, and purchased a bulk buy of underwear meaning that every resident of the Souda Camp in Chios will receive 1 if not 2 new pairs of underwear. Considering the amount of people in the camp- this is a fantastic achievement.

We continue to sponsor the hygiene kit programme in Leros. The NGO Samaritans Purse was providing hygiene items for the 400 or so people in the islands hotspot. Samaritans Purse has now pulled out of the island, and we are talking with ECHO100Plus to see how we can fund hygiene items for the residents of the hotspot as well as those in Pikpa.

We also continue to work with Oasis in Rhodes and continue to pay for food needed for meals for the refugees they are hosting.

We are just about to purchase a bulk buy of nappies for distribution from Hope Cafe in Athens.

We are helping more and more people and desperately need your donations to be able to reach out more. If you can help- click our secure donate button.

Thank you for your continued support.

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