What do 1150 pairs of underwear look like?

You may have read from our previous blog that we had provided some funding to The Unmentionables working in Chios, to purchase a bulk buy of underwear for distribution in the Souda camp.  The team obviously had fun on this mission!

u1Step 1.  The team travelled to Athens to make the bulk buy as well as complete some other shopping.  Obviously buying in such bulk meant that there was some room for negotiation on price!  1150 pairs of underwear were bought with the funds we provided from your donations.  This is  AMAZING- THANK YOU!



Step 2.  The new items all arrived at the warehouse, and were sorted.  The sorting teams at the camps in Greece are the unsung heroes.  Working behind the scenes the often laborious and hard work is vital to aid the smooth running of distribution.

Step 3.  The needs of the individuals and families in the camp were then assessed so they could be provided with items needed.

u6Step 4.  Distribution!  There were lots of happy faces and smiles from the volunteers and residents of the camp when the team went into the camp to distribute the packs they had put together containing new pairs of underwear and other needed items.  The Unmentionables work to help restore peoples dignity by providing much needed hygiene items in discreet ways, and we will be adding them to the projects that we support so we can continue to help them with their vital work.

We urgently need monetary donations so we can continue to support this and the other projects that we work with providing dignity, food, education, hygiene items, accommodation, medical supplies, vital aid amongst other needed things to refugees in Greece.  There are over 60,000 refugees stuck in limbo in Greece, many are desperate, with the clothes on their backs their only possessions and many are still living in horrific conditions in camps.  Its estimated half this number are women and children, and an estimated 2000 children are unaccompanied.

We are making a difference, but can only continue to do so with your support.  We want to make donating as easy as possible for you, so are pleased to be able to offer you some options.  Find out more here https://asnteamuk.org/fundraising/

Thank you.


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