Reflections on Athens

I’m in Greece on a self funded trip visiting the projects we are supporting. My first few days were spent in Athens, and I wrote the following after my first day there. Joel.

Just home and on a bit of a high after an amazing but also very humbling day in Athens. I spent the morning with an inspirational young Syrian man who told me his story which I am going to write up for him. He told me how and why he left Syria, how his father still lives in a town under siege for 3 years now where food is dropped in by air. He told me how he can’t look at photos of his father now as he looks so old, wrinkled and thin. Imagine if the tables were turned and that was you or I. Then it was on to the orange house- one of the projects we support. We went shopping for 3 weeks supplies that thanks to the generousity of our supporters-our charity paid for, and we got it all into the car…. just!  This will provide food for not only the residents but also for people who use the drop in facilities of The Orange House. It was amazing to spend time in The Orange House. To see the children laugh and play- maybe they are too young to understand what they have endured and the hardship their family is going through. The refugee crisis is off our news, but it is still very much ongoing, and arrivals into the Greek islands (which are all well over capacity) have been picking up again over August. If you do something today, spare a minutes thought about someone who had no choice, but to leave their family, their home, their life. No choice but to get into a crammed flimsy rubber boat and head out into the sea at night with nothing but the lights in the distance to guide them, or to stay at home and face certain death. This is real, and it’s happening now. Make a difference-

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