Reflections on Athens part 2

7th September 2017

I was too tired to write yesterday when I got home. There is just so much to do for the refugees here and never enough time. It’s clear that there is a lack of funds and volunteers to help as the needs are so great. Many organisations are just getting by week by week, but they make it work with what they have. My hat goes off to the volunteers I have met, who literally work around the clock to try and help in the desperate situation. One of those is Kerrie from Hope Cafe which is one of the projects we are supporting. They were desperate for food supplies and thanks to people’s generosity- our charity was able to fund this shop. We discussed a project that I hope our charity will be able to support which will provide a pack of basic essentials for new born babies and their mothers. I also met with a guy heading a group supporting LGBT refugees. This vulnerable group of people need extra support due to their situation as they see discrimination and difficulties on many levels. I’m hoping that our charity will be able to support their outreach work. It’s amazing to see the small difference we are able to make, and how grateful those in receipt of it are. I’m off to Leros now- the tiny island which sunk under the crisis in 2015 and continues to struggle with it. Arrivals of new refugees have increased since the beginning of August. The hotspot detention camp where they are transferred to is full. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can help more here. But we need your donations to continue to do so. If you can help a little, please check out our fundraising page to find out how.

Fundraising and Donating

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