Update from The Khora

It was great to meet with the team at The Khora in Athens in September, during which time we discussed the projects we were supporting there.

Info Map- The team had taken a short period of time out from printing the info maps as they wanted to take time to ensure that all the information about the various services on the maps was current and correct.  These have all been updated now, and they plan to send PDF copies to the islands, as well as being available in the city, as may people on the islands have limited resources, and are not aware of what it readily available to them.  They plan to link up with other information based organisations so maps can be consolidated and information co-ordinated.  Providing information like this is vital for those trying to find support in a foreign city.

Urban Farming Project- Well the following pictures speak for themselves!  The space has been reorganized, and new containers built which has allowed the team to grow more and plan ahead for the next growing season.  The space has been secured with a view to using it to involve everyone in the centre in the gardening and create a space for workshops and activities.  Tomatoes, aubergines and peppers were among the fruits and vegetables harvested in September, and these along with the herbs grown have been used in the kitchen!

Thank you for your ongoing support which has made all of this possible.

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