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Off our media is the fact that the Eastern Aegean Greek islands have seen a significant rise in the number of people escaping conflict, arriving on their shores from Turkey over the last few months.  The islands hotspots were already at full capacity if not significantly over, and the rise in arrivals is putting immense strain on the system.

Being in the loop of what’s going on, means that everyday we are seeing images and reading about many people living in dire conditions, completely unacceptable in this day and age.

Its estimated that just this month- Lesbos alone has seen over 1200 arrivals.  Samos hotspot is over capacity and as a result it has hundreds of refugees sheltered in pop up tents in the forest around the hotspot.  Chios sees its hotspot population at over almost twice its capacity.  Meanwhile in Leros, the hotspot is full and tents are going up over the next few days to cope with new arrivals, and Kos remains overcrowded.  It’s estimated a total of over 2000 people arrived in the 1st couple of weeks of this month. Conditions need to be seen to be believed. Its absolutely outrageous that lessons were not learnt in the lack of preparation for the last 2 winters, and we very much fear for this coming winter.  There are almost 14,000 currently held on the islands.

The situation is so tragic that we have joined in solidarity signing a collective statement “Open The Islands” alongside over 100 other organisations active in Greece supporting refugees, which calls for urgent action to be taken to alleviate the situation to prevent more refugees dying un-necessarily in the oncoming winter https://opentheislands.wordpress.com

We desperately want to help more people trapped in these abysmal conditions, and help provide basic needs, but we are restricted at the moment due to depleting funds.  Please help us if you can, don’t forget you can gift aid your donation if you’re a UK tax payer making it go even further.  We are also listed in Just Giving, so you can select us for your fundraising event.  Please help
Here’s a picture of another happy customer, and an example of what our donors have achieved- you might recall that thanks to your support we recently bought 10 buggies for the anticipated new arrivals of children in Leros.


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