From our friends at Samos Volunteers

Samos Volunteers runs an educational and activity centre on Samos Island, which supports the refugees and asylum seekers living in the reception and identification centre (informally, the camp) on the island.

We get an average of 300 men, women and children visiting the centre every day, to attend language classes and activities such as music, art and breakdance. We provide free tea and coffee throughout the day, and in order to keep this running, are always washing cups and glasses.

For a long time we were doing this by hand, but with the support of Aegean Solidarity Network and their donors, we have been able to purchase a restaurant grade dishwasher, which washes the cups in no more than two minutes! As well as saving our volunteers (and the many people who help around the centre) a lot of time and work, the dishwasher cleans at a very hot temperature, which means we can ensure that all our cups are properly clean and sanitary, something extremely important when many are otherwise living in extremely poor conditions in the camp. Thank you for your support!

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