A transformation in The Orange House

Over the last month, we have supplied funding to The Orange House in Athens to provide some vital renovation to the centre. In the buildings basement was a shower which was in a dire, run down state. The shower is used by refugees from the squats who have no access to hot water. We have funded the complete renovation of the shower to provide a dignified shower for use of the refugee community. Prior to renovations- people were getting changed in a store room and were accessing the shower via the small kitchen used by volunteers who cook meals for the refugee community. This was far from ideal, and our funding has enabled a dignified changing room to be created as well as access to the shower from the changing room. This has meant access via the kitchen has been closed up allowing the kitchen to function more efficiently. But that’s not all! The project also provided funding for the conversion of a store type room into a further classroom which will allow even more learning to take place in the centre.

This is an incredible achievement and as we are solely funded by donations- it’s our supporters who have made this possible. Thank you! Our social media platforms have provided a video diary of the work, so we have collated these videos for our website followers to watch…

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2 thoughts on “A transformation in The Orange House

  1. I hope you don’t mind me saying but I know several families who live in one of the squats that don’t even have showers. They use Orange House showers and are so happy at the renovation. Thank you so much for all the hard work and good luck with your future projects ❤️

    Debbie xx

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