Zoom in on The Khora

The Khora was a multi storey building in Athens which offered an amazing range of facilities, and support initiatives for refugees in the city to use on a drop in centre style basis. It also offered hundreds of lunches each day to people in need.

The centre was run by a cooperative group of volunteers and established itself as a vital resource for the refugee community.

We sponsored 2 projects at The Khora- the 1st was a rooftop garden project- which allowed produce for the kitchen to be grown on the roof, and the project ran successfully for nearly 2 years.

The 2nd is an information map project. The maps are produced in various relevant languages providing information on vital services that the refugee community have access to, but might not know about. The centrefold of each booklet has a map pinpointing each resource in the city.

Imagine arriving in a foreign city, not speaking the language, with limited resources- these maps have proved hugely beneficial, so much so that they have been available in The Khora centre as well as given out during outreach work.

For various reasons, The Khora have had to move from their current building and are currently in the process of looking for new premises, however recognising the value of the information maps, they want to continue this project even whilst still looking for new premises. We sponsor the resources needed to produce the maps- ie printing and paper.

Thank you for helping us continue to support this vital resource.

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