Zoom in on The Orange House

Zoom in on The Orange House

The first time we went to The Orange House, we were overwhelmed with the warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere inside.

The centre is run by the Greek grassroot NGO called Zaatar whom we have developed a fabulous working relationship with. The building is home to up to 25 vulnerable refugee women who are often referred to the centre.

The ethos is that The Orange House will provide temporary shelter to the women whilst they establish and build a new life in Athens, and get into work to become self sufficient.

The centre is all about maintaining the residents dignity, and volunteers are not allowed into the women’s living space on the 1st floor.

The centre also has a common social space which acts as a safe environment for the residents and refugees in the city to share. The centres values on respect and inclusion are always upheld, and must be respected by visitors.

The Orange House now has several classrooms (we recently funded the conversion of a new classroom), and these offer lessons and classes in a variety of topics for the city’s refugee community.

In addition- a shower is on offer for people from the camps and squats to use and we recently funded its much needed renovation. The residents and volunteers also cook a number of lunch meals available for those in need, and we help fund food supplies when we can.

It really is an amazing place, and offers so much. We are really proud to be part of its success.

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